Marc Jacob Style Eye-Con No. 7 Plush Eyeshadow – 220 The Lover

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I’ve been a long-time fan of the Marc Jacob Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Eyeshadow ($59USD) range since it launched years ago. I actually picked up the Lolita palette about two years ago and for some reason never got around to publishing a review despite loving it! So when The Lover came out, which also contained a bunch of neutral shades I decided I should publish a review and share my thoughts :) If you’re keep to see a review on the Lolita palette just let me know and I shall make it happen, but I’m sure you can find plenty of reviews online already~

For some reason Marc Jacob makeup hasn’t been getting the best rep online, which is hard for me to say because being in Melbourne means I can’t just pop into a store to test out each product and I can only go by the ones I own, but personally I’ve loved each MJ product I’ve owned and this palette is no different.

The palette contains seven eyeshadows, a mixture of shimmery and matte. The shades swing more into the warm tone light range, so I’d say all shade are extremely wearable for day time and the office, depending on how you want to combine them.

The shades are blendable, smooth, pigmented and very easy to work with. Safe to say I love using this palette, the colour range however isn’t exactly what I prefer to use on a day to day basis. I would love a completely matte peachy shade personally, but these are still shades I could comfortable work with.

If you are keen you can pick one up for yourself at Sephora.

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Adding Shimmer to a Wearable Neutral Eye Look

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Five days a week my standard go to eye look usually consists of a peach and a taupe matte eyeshadow. Incredibly wearable and slightly boring, especially when it turns routine. To mix things up a bit I decided to throw in a shimmery shadow and I honestly feel like it makes all the difference.

Stila’s Kitten has been a long-time favourite of mine as well as a cult favourite of the beauty community, and I love using it as a complete wash all over my lids with a fluffy brush to help blend out the edges around the crease. Then I use just a tiny bit of Too Faced’s Velvet Revolver, some eyeliner and mascara and you’re good to go! Simple and just gives your everyday eyes a bit of extra shimmer and glam :) My current favourite go to eye look for work!

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Essie Winter 2015 Collection

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Collections like these convince me more and more that Essie is the ultimate brand for nude / pink shades. Essie were kind enough to send me their Winter collection which was filled with lots of beautiful pinks and reds, all perfectly wearable!

Unlike the previous collection, I found these to perform amazingly well. Specifically I was able to wear Tuck in my Tux for an entire week, with no top coat and almost no chipping! Not to mention I think it’s also my favourite shade, it’s white without being too strong. Gives the illusion of a French manicure at a glance :) This is definitely one of my favourite Essie collections so far and I encourage you to check out the shades in store as they are limited edition :)

All swatches are two coats with no top coat.

Double Breasted Jacket

Jiggle High, Jiggle Low

Jump in my Jumpsuit

Tuck in my Tux

Back in the Limo

Bump up the Pumps

You can pick up a bottle for yourself at any Priceline for $16.95AUD a bottle. As mentioned before these shades are limited edition and are only available between June 2015 to August 2015.

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Makeup Rotation for May 2015

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Can you believe we’re almost half way through the year? And if you live in Melbourne, can you believe how cold the weather has been this month? I know, conversation about the weather? Really? Well, it’s a little hard to ignore when you’re walking to and from work with wet shoes :( That said, this post isn’t about wet shoes, it’s about some of the products I’ve been playing with this month :) I’m doing better and actually reaching into my collection to try “new” things.

For the eyes, I’ve been switching up between the Too Faced Naked Eye & Natural Eye Palette. The eyeshadow powder is pretty easy to work with, though I have noticed that it can be a little difficult to really blend out in my crease so I’ll probably move on to something else next month. I decided to go back to my LORAC ‘Behind the Scene’ Eyeshadow Primer because I love it AND it’s pretty much on its last leg, and we all know how satisfying empty makeup products are!

We also knew I couldn’t stay away from Lancôme mascaras for too long, I decided to crack open my Lancôme Oscillation Mascara, even though I don’t use the vibrating wand, I do love how thin and easy to use it is :) And finally because I’d been stuck on the Bobbi Brown Gel Liner for so long, I decided to switch to the Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner – Deep Black which I’m not loving as much, as the formula is a lot drier. But I think I’ll stick it out and try to give it a little more time to grow on me :)

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Diorskin Star Sculpting Brightening Concealer Review, Swatches and Photos

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I’ve been pretty lucky throughout my years regarding dark circles, I don’t have the brightest eyes but I rarely go out with any concealer as foundation always seems to do the trick. Unfortunately foundation alone can’t cover very dark pigmentation when you’re having skin issues, or in my case scarring from eczema breakouts :( They don’t tend to last too long, but when they come they tend to sit around the inner corner of my eyes and so I decided to look for something that would conceal them without causing my dry skin to really stand out.

Diorskin Star Concealer ($55AUD / $36USD) does a pretty good job of that, admittedly I’m still not 100% satisfied but based on the concealers I’ve tried thus far, this is probably the best.

It provides a great pigmentation for just a small amount, the formula is not the least bit drying so it helps keep the skin around my eyes hydrated and it’s almost seamless. If you have amazing skin texture, but suffer from dark circles or various pigmentation then I think you’ll be happy with this concealer! It does a great job at covering up :)

You can pick up a tube for yourself at David Jones, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus or Sephora.

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Bioderma Hydrabio Saves My Dry Skin

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I am always hunting for the next best thing to treat dry skin. I’ve slowly begun to change my life to help cater towards improving the condition of my skin. So I naturally was keen to see how Bioderma’s Hydrabio would perform after they kindly provided me a few bottles from their latest range.

Out of all the products they provided, I knew I had to share with you two of my favourite products from their Hydrabio range, which would be their serum ($43.94AUD) and rich cream ($38.95AUD). These two are a dynamite duo and I can’t stop singing their praise. In fact you know you love something when you’re terrified of running out so yes, I’ve already purchased backups of each for when these two finally run out.

As you may know I suffer from eczema and constantly need to use prescription creams to help subdue any inflammations I get. Unfortunately I’ve yet to find a non-prescription cream that does the same (no surprises), however I can’t use my prescription cream constantly due to the strength of the drugs within it so that’s where I find the Hydrabio range comes in.

Battling my skin in between inflammations is a little like walking on egg shells. If you trip up on anything (weather, diet, itching, creams), then you’re back to using the medicated creams again. Hydrabio is one of the steps in between that helps a tremendous amount in prolonging the need for my medicated cream. I use them both at night (two pumps each), first the serum then the rich cream and I will wake up the next day with soft hydrated smooth skin that isn’t craving more moisture. Not to mention, I am loving that these both come in plastic pump bottles! Hygienic and easy to travel with, love it!

If you suffer from eczema skin and are looking for something to help keep your inflammations at bay, I highly recommend you take a look at Bioderma’s Hydrabio line. I have no idea why French skincare seems to be the best I’ve tried so far for these sorts of skin issues, but it’s just amazing and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

You can check out the range at Priceline or Adore Beauty.

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Product Comparison

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Despite how important brows are in my general beauty regime, I never seem to find one product that I can stick to exclusively. I’m always hunting for the next best thing or constantly changing my routine in hopes I can achieve something better. As a result I’ve worked my way through a number of brow products from the Anastasia Beverly Hills line and thought I would do a quick product comparison for those of you who may be curious to know what the difference is!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz Mechanical Brow Pencil – Ebony ($24AUD / $21USD) is one of my favourites from Anastasia. It’s essentially an ultra-fine twist up brow pencil with a brush. It’s perfect for giving yourself a very natural look as the pigmentation is easy to control. It is great at filling in any sparse areas within your brows and the brush is perfect for evening out all harsh lines.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Promade Waterproof Brow Color – Granite ($15AUD / $18USD) is a lot more heavy duty than most of the other options provided. It’s a thick pigmented cream formula you apply to your brows with an angled brush. This is great if you want something that will last the entire day or if you’re visiting humid areas. However, and this is especially true for me, you need an ultra-light hand to avoid applying too much and create heavy and fake brows.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brow Powder – Granite ($23AUD / $23USD) works in a similar way to the cream version above, however it doesn’t have the same level of pigmentation (unless you use a wet brush) nor staying power, however applied would be very similar. I’d see this as a mix between the Brow Wiz and Dipbrow.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel – Granite ($26AUD / $22USD) is another favourite of mine purely for the convenience factor. This really isn’t –that- great at filling out sparse areas in your brows, it’s more about deepening the colour of your existing brow hairs. The wetter consistency helps set the shape of your existing hairs, but I wouldn’t say it does as great as a job as the Clear Brow Gel below. Still, I actually use this a lot for work days because it takes under 10 seconds to make my brows look somehow presentable, which is a huge deal when you’re trying to rush through your makeup in a sleep deprived state.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($26AUD / $22USD) is something I like to use after I’ve applied Brow Wiz or the Brow Powder as it does a great job at setting the shape of your actual hairs. I love that the tube doesn’t apply too much formula on the brush unlike many cheaper brands I’ve tried before. Highly recommend it!


You can check out all the products mentioned above at Net a Porter, Nordstrom or Sephora.

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Dior Summer 2015 Diorskin – Nude Tan Tie Eye Blush in Pink Sunrise and Coral Sunset

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If you follow me on Instagram then you’ll know I am completely obsessed with shooting sunrise and sunset photographs, especially when on holiday. Often for work trips I will try and book flights around those times so I can catch sunrise or sunset above the clouds. Sounds obsessive? Well then you know why I had to pick up both of these new blushes released as part of Dior’s Summer Tie Dye 2015 collection.

Dior released two beautiful Nude Tan Tie Dye Blushes ($84AUD / $57USD) as part of their Summer 2015 collection, it comes in a beautiful mirrored cannage case and an adorable white kabuki brush. The powder itself is designed to reflect the look of (surprise surprise) tie dye shirts in two different shades.




Coral Sunset is designed to sculpt more tanned skin tones and is a mixture of orangey and coral hues. Pink Sunrise is aimed more for people of fairer skin tones and contains a mix of soft pinks and pearly mauve.

Normally I love coral blushes, but I found Coral Sunset to be a little bit more orange for my personal everyday tastes. Still something I do will continue to use, however I did find Pink Sunrise to suit my own skin tone (NC15) a lot better.


One thing I really love however is the finish for both blushes, which has the slightly hint of shimmer, but leans more matte than anything else. It’s a refreshing change from typical summer collections which is usually packed with shimmer. The pigmentation I would say is middle ground, which is typical for more high end blushes as it gives you a degree of better control as opposed to more artistic brands that are completely saturated.

I purchased mine online, and you can pick one up for yourself at either David Jones or Nordstrom.

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Dreaming of Japan

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ASOS Top Japanese City Print

Skinny Black Jeans

Burberry Silver Watch

Siren Suede Black Ankle Boots

This week I’ve been spending most of my off time planning for upcoming trips and adventures, one of them naturally being Japan. Despite visiting it so many times in the past, I just can’t ever get enough and am hoping to make a trip there again soon :)

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Lancôme Le Duo – Contour & Highlighter Stick

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Lancôme recently released a brand new duel ended contour and highlighter stick called Lancôme Le Duo – Contour & Highlighter Stick ($36USD), which does exactly what the name suggests. It is designed to help contour and highlight your face by provided shadow to certain areas and providing light to others to help better define your features.

As a fan on contouring I jumped on this pretty quick! I absolutely love the effects of contouring my face and try to do it as often as I can without looking too made up. I wasn’t quite sure where on the “extreme” ladder this would sit, whether it would be something I could use day to day or whether it was more a special occasions only.

Packaging is a huge win for me, its ultra-portable being dual ended and since it’s a cream formula, you only really need your fingers to blend it out afterwards. For me I chose the lightest shade called Ivoire, which I would say worked out perfectly for me. I find it looks a little more “obvious” if I apply it without any foundation, just on bare skin. If I use foundation to even out my skin tone first, then I find the highlighter shade throws on more shimmer than highlights. However the contour shade works a treat for me, when I first apply it, it can seem a little daunting. But a bit of blending and it works perfectly.




The formula is very silky, so this blends out beautifully. Personally I prefer it over using bronzer as I find the contouring to be more precise, however if I’m looking for something more dramatic then I’d likely still need to lean on my bronzing powders.

Definitely something I love using and can see myself getting a lot of use out of during the weekend when I’m looking for a bit of added lift.

I picked mine up from Sephora.

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