Chanel Automnales Fall 2015 Eyeshadow Palette in Entrelacs

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I had seen this in a backstage photo taken at the Chanel Fall Fashion show earlier this year and knew instantly that I had to try it for myself! I went as far as to keep a note in my planner to remind me that come August it should be released to the public, and I have no regrets despite the price!

This beautiful palette is as mentioned part of Chanel’s Fall 2015 makeup collection called Entralacs. It’s a beautiful neutral palette that contains 4 satin shades and one matte shade and can be worn as a very natural look all the way to something sultry and smoky. The amazing embossing design is intended to reflect the stained glass windows of Aubazine in France, a place Coco Chanel spend time in during her youth.

As terms of quality, you couldn’t ask for something with such amazing pigmentation and quality! They go on smoothly, blend amazingly well. In fact I filmed a first impressions video which hopefully will be up some time next week. Safe to say I love it and know it’s something I could get a lot of use out of! A great purchase for those who have a taste for quality designer makeup πŸ™‚

You can pick one up for yourself at David Jones for $100AUD or from Nordstrom for $80USD.

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Empties + Mini Reviews

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It’s been a little while since my last empties video, a few months! I try and only release an empties video when I’ve got atleast 2-3 makeup products to show off~ Really encourages me to focus on finishing what I have instead of buying more… sometimes πŸ˜€ Hope you enjoy the video!

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Make Up For Ever Lip Aqua

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One of the things I love to do is use lip liner as my main lip product for the day. It’s a great way to apply lip colour that barely shifts at all, kind of like matte lipstick. The MUFE Aqua Lip Liner range is one of my favourite to use because the formula is so creamy and easy to apply. Most pencil lip liners I find are very hard and tend to drag the lip.

Additionally I love how pigmented and long lasting the Aqua Lip Liner range is, I first discovered it as a sample I received for a Sephora order ages ago! I was completely addicted and decided I needed to own more in a range of shades. So far I’ve only gone as far as more nude / wearable shades, but I’m certainly keen to try more colourful shades when I next visit USA.

These are my current favourite lip liners and if they are within easy reach I definitely recommend them!

If I’ve convinced you, then you can pick one up for yourself at Sephora for $19USD.

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Chanel Les Automnales Fall 2015 Le Vernis Collection

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Finally got my hands on the Chanel Les Automnales Fall 2015 Nail Polish collection and even though I wasn’t completely impressed (one of the downsides of ordering online only) I thought I would share my swatches anyways. This isn’t to imply the polishes were bad at all, far from it! These polishes performed amazingly well, but when the end of Winter coming and the start of Spring just around the corner I’m relaly leaning towards lighter colours perfect for warm weather πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy the swatches and all photos are 2 coats without any top layer.




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Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Makeup Tutorial

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I thought I would try a bit of a different video, and I think in retrospect the execution needs a bit of tweeking, but I can work on that for the next one (hopefully the Chanel Fall video), but I wanted to do a makeup tutorial using products specifically from the Dior 2015 Fall collection to show how they wear etc. Hopefully the video isn’t too disjointed πŸ™‚

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Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 5 Couleurs Palette – 766 Exuberante

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Honestly I was not going to purchase any eyeshadows from Dior’s Cosmopolite Fall 2015 collection (said no one ever) because I’ve been trying really hard to only buy makeup that I was actually use, and stop purchasing stuff that just looks cool in photos (rainbow blush palette anyone!?) .

But I caved because I justified that I would get some use out of this palette called Exuberante ($103AUD / $63USD) due to the neutral shades. True or not, it’s still a beautiful palette that features 5 different shades. There are three neutral shades ranging from peach, taupe / soft brown to dark brown. Pretty much all I need for my everyday makeup look (this is how I justified the purchase). It also contains a deep shimmery navy shade which is beautiful but probably something I won’t use too much and in the middle is a stunning micro glitter shade! Perfect for inner corners or in my case, placing on the center of the lids for an extra pop. Now this I could see myself using, I love micro shimmer shades in palettes.

The quality is amazing, I completed the look using my standard eye makeup brushes and had no fall out or any issues. I could and have been using this all week now to really test it out. It’s a great palette but let’s be honest, you probably don’t need this exact palette if all you’re using it for is to create neutral eyes. Realistically you’ll likely pick this up if you love Dior (hands up!), appreciate designer makeup (hands up again) or the colours are somehow just perfect for you (…).

If you’re keen to try this palette out then you can find it at Nordstrom or Myer.

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Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Nail Polish – Cosmopolite & Darling Blue

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As part of the Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 collection they released three new nail polish shades ($39AUD / $27USD) and I decided to pick up Cosmopolite (signature shade) and Darling Blue. Usually I don’t feel like there is a huge difference between the shades in a collection in terms of quality but this time strangely enough I did think there was a noticeable difference. Darling Blue felt less pigmented, and almost a bit.. watery? Hard to explain, but it felt like the pigments tended to coagulate together and so I struggled a little to get an even spread. So weird, I’ve never had this problem before, potentially a defective bottle?

Cosmopolite on the other hand was sheer love, once applied it can look like a gel polish and the whole experience is just perfection. I didn’t bother picking up Metropolis which is a grey green shade because I’m not a huge fan of green polishes. All swatches are 2 layers with no top coat.

You can pick up a bottle for yourself either from Myer or Nordstrom.

Darling Blue




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Top 4 Drugstore Liquid Foundation

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Following on from last week’s video, today I bring you some of my favourite “drugstore” liquid foundations which I personally feel is comparable and even better than some high end foundations πŸ™‚ These foundations in Australia are typically available from places like Priceline, supermarkets or even Target / Kmart πŸ™‚

Hope you enjoy the video!

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Dior Cosmopolite Fall 2015 Nouvelle Femme & Versalite Lip Products

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Dior recently released their Cosmopolite Fall 2015 collection and I’m usually not a fan of the “colder” collections (Fall and Winter). I’m always more drawn to Spring and Summer due to their softer pastel or bright colours, but I loved these two lip products I picked up from Dior as part of their Fall collection. One being the Rouge Dior lipsitck in Nouvelle Femme ($52AUD / $35USD) and the other is the Dior Addict Fluid Stick in Versalite ($52AUD / $35USD).

Rouge Dior first. If you are not a fan of the “old lady rose” smell, then you probably won’t like this because that’s essentially what hit me the second I opened this tube. Which I should have known because I own the same lip product in different shades but I guess I have short term memory? The shade however is beautiful, pigmented and very creamy without being too shiny or wet looking. I didn’t find the formula drying, but if you do suffer from dry lips you probably want to throw on a bit of lip balm first because this does have a tendency to sink into your lip lines.

Now on to the Fluid Stick! I’m in love, In Love! I forgot how much I loved the Fluid Stick range until I put this on and it was just instant. It’s a little like a lip gloss, lip stick and lip stain all thrown into one. Glides on smoothly on the lips and has this beautiful gloss, however over time (including eating) the glossiness will fade and you’ll be left with this stunning lip colour that doesn’t dry out your lips and can last almost an entire working day. I did have a tendency to reapply every few hours just to keep the gloss effect but I really didn’t have to.

Additionally, I didn’t find the consistency gloopy or sticky. It felt very smooth and slick and I’d often forget I was even wearing it.

I think it’s pretty obvious which one I love more, and what’s exciting is I actually purchased these two from Myer Online. Exciting because this is the first time I’ve ever purchased from a local departmental store online. I usually purchase off Nordstrom and have it shipped to Australia via a mail forwarder (how I purchase 90% of my makeup) but due to the dive in our currency it works out about the same to now purchase locally. I will admit though, the online shopping experience for Myer is nothing compared to Nordstrom nor Sephora. Australia have a loooong way to go.

So if you are keen feel free to check out either Myer or David Jones.

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Essie Cashmere Matte Collection

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When these beautiful Essie polishes ($16.95AUD) landed in my mail box all I could think of was “yes!” I wish I could wrap myself up in cashmere right now, because this Winter has been unseasonable cold! These limited edition polishes all dry to a satin matte finish, however if you pay close attention to the bottle you’ll notice that virtually all shades have micro-shimmers that look amazing. Unfortunately you can’t really see it once the formula dries to a matte finish and I found the only way to “draw out” the shimmer is to apply a shiny top coat. In all the swatches below I’ve applied a glossy top coat to my ring finger so you can see the difference.

Personally I much prefer these polishes with a glossy top coat, just because of the amazing micro shimmers that really give this collection an amazing twist. Just Stitched is my favourite from this collection, at first swatch I thought it was going to come out frosted, but instead it’s a stunning satin finish with the most beautiful lavender micro shimmers. A definite favourite!

If you are interested, you can pick one up from Priceline between August and September 2015.

All Eyes on Nudes


Coat Couture


Cozy in Cashmere


Just Stitched


Spun in Luxe


Wrap Me Up


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