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Louis Vuitton Inclusion PM

Louis Vuitton Inclusion PM

Louis Vuitton Inclusion PM

We all have little things we tend to collect over time, and I know I have my fair share of them. Inclusion bracelets have always held a bit of a soft spot for me, but then again Louis Vuitton generally has a special place in my heart as it was the first luxury brand I ever purchased from.

These bracelets come in an array of different colours (and two sizes though I don’t purchase the PM), constantly on rotation depending on the season. I’ve managed to assemble quite the collection over the last 6-7 years. I tend to pick one or two a year if the colour strikes me and before you know it… What I really love about the wear of these bracelets is that they look amazing when worn alone or with additional bracelets. Some of the designs have such incredible detail when you really look at them, filled with logos, gems, shimmer and more.

They are the perfect “slip on and go” jewellery and I always default to these when I’m in a rush and need just a little something to add to my outfit.

Louis Vuitton Inclusion PM

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  1. OMG the rose pink one *_________________*

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