China Glaze Eye Candy Collection Review, Swatches and Photos

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China Glaze Eye Candy

Introducing China Glaze’s Eye Candy 3-D glitters, and man do these pack some real glitter. These polishes are inspired by Marilyn Monroe, glamourous and very pretty to look at, but think again if you’re looking for anything very wearable to work, or something with longevity. Though honestly I can only say that for Lorelei’s Tiara which lasted a solid 2-3 hours on me before chipping away. The rest may be better, and I do have a feeling will last longer for polishes like Blonde Bombshell and Material Girl.

All swatches are two coats with no top coat.

Blonde Bombshell

China Glaze Eye Candy

Yellow golden glitter with random chunkier gold glitters, similar to Color Club’s Enchanted Holiday which actually has larger glitter pieces than this one.

Lorelei’s Tiara

China Glaze Eye Candy

Silver glitter with blue flecks, the formula was quite thick I found, I could almost get away with just 1 coat. Unfortunately the wear on this with 2 coats is terrible, it chips literally a few hours after application (despite having a sticky base coat and top coat). Lovely to look at, has terrible wear.

Love Marilyn

China Glaze Eye Candy

Red glitter with silver flecks, not my favourite from the collection. I know glitter formulas don’t always yield the best results, but this one felt like the glitter was constantly “collecting” on certain areas of my nail, hard to get an even distribution, or at least harder than normal for a glitter polish.

Marry a Millionaire

China Glaze Eye Candy

A purple based glitter polish with elongated lilac and mixed coloured glitters. This is the only polish from this collection with long glitter, which really makes it seem pretty cool in the bottle, but a little harder to apply evenly on the nail. I found China Glaze’s CG in the City to be similarish.

Material Girl

China Glaze Eye Candy

Despite not considering myself a “pink” girl, this is my favourite from the collection because the shade of pink used here is to me, very wearable. It’s a dustier rose pink, that was formulated just right for that delicate feel.

Some like it Haute

China Glaze Eye Candy

A charcoal gray glitter polish with large silver flecks, a really lovely shade that I probably wouldn’t see myself wearing to work, but it’s not particularly “attention” grabbing either.

China Glaze Eye Candy


  1. oh my, so shineh~

  2. I’ve never seen so much glitter in my life. Hahahahah! ^_^ I love the way you photograph your photos! Perhaps, a post on how you photograph your photos for noob beauty bloggers like moi? ^_^

    && I bet you had a hard time removing these glitter to swatch!!!!!!! Haha!


  3. Material Girl is so pretty!

  4. I have Lorelei’s Tiara and Love Marilyn coming in the mail. Can’t wait for them to get here!

  5. I am really undecided about this collection. I’ve seen a few people mention the thickness of the formula and a glitter that chips quickly is unacceptable given how difficult they are to remove.

    I do really like the look of Material Girl – suits your skin tone very well too 😀

    • Thanks! Yes, I think perhaps give this particular collection a miss, chipping polish is not fun -_-;

  6. Material Girl and Some Like It Haute are my favorite. I’ve never been a big polish girl but all these posts are making me crack. I feel a haul coming on!

    • Muahaha I apologise to your wallet! XD

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