Butter London – Pink Ribbon Nail Polish Review, Swatches and Photos

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Butter London - Pink Ribbon Nail Polish

I’m sure you’ve all heard of Butter London before, a newish nail polish brand that has not so recently been a big hit within the beauty blogging community and I can see why. I can’t admit to owning many bottles of Butter London, in fact I only have two, both of which came free with magazines 😀

I really love how smooth the formula is, and these polishes lasted a good while on my nails, probably took a few days before they started chipping.

The shade however whilst lovely is nothing unique. It is highly wearable though!

I think these go for about $19.95 a bottle from Adore Beauty, which is admittedly rather expensive for a bottle of polish, so I’d recommend searching for a cheaper alternative if you can.

Butter London - Pink Ribbon Nail Polish


  1. Maybe it’s just me but I think a good neutral-beige polish with a smooth formula is quite hard to find. Sounds like this one is a winner!

    • It is a lovely polish, def a winner but I’m not used to paying so much for a polish! Really glad this was free 😀

  2. Agree that the light polishes are probably easily duped. I decided my creative project this hot summer in Florida would be to make canvases of my nails; I now use butter London almost exclusively, after starting out @ Walgreens:). Why? The colors are magical. Rainbows on the fingers and toes. They cost, but an art class would too..heh.

    My collection includes 10 polishes along with nail care products.

    The first polishes I bought languish in closet..am ready to give them away.

    • I’d love to see some of your work one day 😀

  3. Hi, I’m planning on getting this nail polish, but I was wondering if you knew of any cheaper dupes… I currently own Sugar Daddy by Essie and it seems pretty similar 🙂 Thanks!

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