Why aren’t I taller?

Posted by on February 17, 2010 in Fashion | 4 comments

All too often I run into the same problem. I’ll find a piece of clothing that I absolutely adore, it looks perfect! Usually I find it online, so I buy it~ Eventually it makes its way into my arms, I put it on and what do you know? It’s too “big”. The dress that appeared to fall just above the knees on the model is down to my ankles!

Burberry Coat

Image from Net a Porter.

Since Burberry released this jacket, I loved it instantly! Almost as much as I love their Duchesse Silk Knotted Epaulette Trench Coat. Even if I had the money, I could see this lovely coat coming down to my knees and being rather unflattering.

I doubt I’m the only height deprived individual out there, but man it sucks 🙁

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Heart Broken

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That’s right! Heart broken! I am trying to focus more on mature looks and neutral colours, but when I saw this baby staring back at me at Crown, I knew I had to have it. It was so summery and cute!


I decided the first time I would wear it would be for Chinese New Year 🙂 Now, I’ve always known that white PVC and light coated canvas are vulnerable to dye transfer, it’s what everyone will tell you (and I’ve seen it happen to my older bags too). I just didn’t realise that a cardigan I had washed a good 4-5 times would transfer its dye within a matter of.. 20 mins total use!? Yep!


As you can see the handles (and a few other parts of the bag) are tinted in a light pink colour. Nothing will get it off, I have tried everything I can find, even Burberry couldn’t help. So my advice is unless you tend to only wear light neutral coloured clothes, think twice about picking up any of the nova check with white PVC from Burberry!


No matter how cute and irresistible the design is!

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Fashion & I

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I don’t think I have ever posted an introduction about myself and fashion. I suppose, I’m the sort of person who just assumes people can read me, and know exactly what I’m on about. And fortunately that is not how the world works. So, I decided to create a little Fashion & I survey in hopes that will give you a better idea as to not only who am I, but my fashion interests as well.

What is your name?
Celina, my online nickname for as long as I can remember has been Flipper, and my gamer tag is exmotion.

Where do you live?
Melbourne, Australia. Born and bred.

What got you into fashion?
Cosplay. Cosplay has taught me so much in terms of what suits my body type, how different types of fabrics work and colours go well together.

How would you describe your fashion style?
Simple, Modern and Elegant. I’m a huge lover of high end fashion, mainly because they always seem to be the brands with the ultra-modern, chic, edgy looks that I adore. Pick up a copy of Vogue, Marie Clarie, Harper’s Bazaar, Cleo and you’ll know what I mean. Yes, I’m quite mainstream, and I love it!

What are your favourite fashion items?
I’m a jeans person, I love skinny jeans as I find them very flattering. I’ve never been huge on dresses or skirts, as I grew up a tomboy (and to some degree still am) but I’m trying to change that, slooowly! Jeans will always be a staple to me. Right now I’m loving white flowy tops, very elegant and delicate and reflects the beautiful Summer weather we are enjoying right now. Large sunglasses are always a must as well as simple jewelery. Nothing too attention grabbing, I prefer for my entire outfit to speak for itself, rather than one or two loud items. And finally heels, I love heels. Maybe it’s because I’m not a very tall person, but I do love the added height and how they truly compliment a person’s figure and legs. The only heels I’m not fond of are those with high platforms, not my style.

What’s your favourite clothing brand?
I don’t really have one, I tend to shop around for things in my style that are affordable. But I adore the styles found in Review, Saba, Satch, Sass & Bide, Pilgram and many more. Admittedly I don’t own many of their items, $400AU for a dress is a bit much for me at this point in time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t shop around for cheaper alternatives 🙂

What’s your favourite accessories brand?
Based on my collection, it would appear Louis Vuitton. This year I am trying to move away from Monogram styles, and looking for more classic items. I’m trying my best to branch out and expand my collection to include both brands from all ends. I’d love for my entire collection to be very versatile whilst still being true to my style.

What’s your favourite makeup brand?
I don’t have a favourite brand per say, but favourite brands for each type of makeup (and some are still undecided). For example, I adore MAC pigments and eyeliners, and Lancome stock my favourite mascaras and Giorgio Armani is my current most loved foundation brand.

Do you make your own clothes?
As a cosplayer I can, but I chose not to because it is so time consuming. I love and am in the process for creating some costumes / gowns particularly for photo shoots and print later on. But in terms of day to day wear for myself, I’m a workaholic, and would rather use my time working, and saving money to spend instead.

That’s all I can think of now, if you can come up with any other questions be sure to let me know 🙂

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Exploring different brands & makeup bag

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After a tough week at work, I felt like rewarding myself with a bit of shopping (also known as retail therapy), so I headed down to Chadstone and picked up a few goodies. My official favourite part of Chadstone is the new designer area that flows down towards Target because all my favourite clothing stores are there. Although to be honest, I’ve found myself shifting towards only the stores that have sales on, or brands that are generally cheaper.

Call me crazy (my friends and family certainly do) but paying $300-400AU for a shirt or pants seems excessive to me (bags and shoes are totally different things!) I have nothing against paying those sort of prices in general, but I suppose right now, given my income, priorities and the fact that I can sew, I’d rather put the money towards a new pair of shoes or bag instead.

I’m going to try and and spend more time exploring new brands, both offline and online and get creative. My wardrobe is really quite depressing (hence why I haven’t had any outfit posts yet, but I will soon! Waiting for my new remote control to come in!) So one of my goals for this year is to spice it up a bit more. That reminds me, I really do want to make a post about my fashion goals for the year.

Speaking of new brands, well… this isn’t really new, since I already have a small Coach bag my cousin gave me, though I’ve never been big on the Coach label. But in the spirit of being open to new styles and brands, I had a look through and found what I think will be my new makeup bag (I’ve been using my LV Mini Pochette, which is far too small)

Coach Makeup Bag

I love the two zip compartments, and the extra pocket on the inside. I think it’s suppose to actually be a clutch as it came with an across the body strap (which just makes it all the more versatile), but I can see this being a great makeup bag. I love having colourful cute accessories in my bag, definitely something I want to colour more off so every time I open my bag I’ll see a rainbow of colours.

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