Chanel Les Beige Le Vernis – Precious Beige & Lovely Beige

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Being a nude and neutral girl, the Chanel Les Beige is certainly a collection that captured my attention. I managed to pick up two polishes from the collection Precious Beige and Lovely Beige ($39AUD / $27USD) which I love in terms of quality and wear.

Precious Beige is probably my prefered shade over Lovely Beige, but since I tend to love lighter shades I kinda regret not picking up Beige Pur and Beige Rose as well… (potentially something I’ll need to fix soon) However if you love nude / neutral polishes these are certainly worth checking out :) Each swatch is two layers with no top coat (which I don’t think you’ll need)

Precious Beige


Lovely Beige


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The Blue Trench

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ASOS Blue Trench

Black jeans (similar here)

ASOS Ankle Boots

Every time I go clothes shopping I’m constantly looking for deals and eyeing prices that I would consider reasonable. The issue with coats and trenches is that they always tend to sit on the high end of the price spectrum and I constantly hesitate on going through with the purchase. Fortunately I didn’t with this particular piece, especially given the cold winter days we’re currently experiencing here. The quality is perfection, and I’m reminded every morning when I take a step into the Wintery cold weather that not only was this a great decision, but I need more coats! (cause you cna never have enough)

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Chanel Summer 2015 Le Vernis – Lavanda & Mediterranee

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A little late to the party just because I’ve been on a bit of a makeup ban for the last couple of months (because I fell into a sticker binge…) but I finally walked past the counter at David Jones the other day and decided to pick these two up! I knew I wanted Mediterranee since the moment I saw it online ages ago and I’m so glad I managed to pick it up! The colour is completely me 😀

Both Mediterranee and Lavanda are stunning, so saturated and vibrant! I’m completely in love with these shades that I’d dare to wear them to work :) I love how high gloss they are, however one thing I noticed (maybe all in my head) but I swear the brushes have gotten smaller? Not that I’m complaining because it’s smaller enough to allow for a more precise application, but worth keeping in mind :)

Both swatches are two layers with no top coat (and frankly unless you are worried about chipping, you don’t need top coat)





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Lancome Myer Counter Opening Media Event Vlog

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To finish off this week I have another blogger’s event vlog to share with you, this time it was Lancome’s new Myer Counter opening in Melbourne CBD :) It was such a beautiful and lush event and I cannot wait to review the new Miracle Cushion Foundation for you all in the coming weeks :) Hope you enjoy the vlog!

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My Favourite Homemade Work Week Breakfast

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Lately I’ve been a lot more focused on attempting to eat better and spend less on eating out unnecessarily. The nature of my work / life means that I tend to eat out once to two times a day which is a lot and makes supporting a healthy diet all the more difficult. So I’ve tried to make simple changes where I can to slowly improve with my health and wealth with time.

In the past I would easily blow a good $10 in the morning on a hot chocolate and take away breakfast, usually toasties which aren’t the best for you. The last few weeks I’ve made it a point to always make my own hot chocolates at home and prepare a relatively healthy breakfast too. Being time poor has and will always be an issue not only myself, but many working people have to experience so I’ve been trying to find recipes that I can literally put together in 5 minutes or less.

My favourite breakfast by far is Avocado mixed with Feta on top of toasted wholegrain sourdough bread! Not only is it much healthier than the typical toasties I would order, but it’s delicious, easy to make (takes under 3 mins) and coupled with my hot chocolate (which takes 2 minutes to make) saves me at least $50 a week :)

Preparing my own meals for breakfast instead of buying has also brought a great deal of personal satisfaction. It’s such a simple change to my day, but really helps uplift my mood and change my outset of what other changes I can make to my life to improve my health and well-being :)

If you guys have any recommendations on quick healthy breakfasts or snacks you love to make, I’d love to learn about them :)

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diptyque ‘Do Son’ Eau de Toilette

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Generally speaking I can’t admit to being a big fan of most fragrance. Personally day to day I don’t tend to use them because if I’m around overly strong smells consistency throughout the day I tend to get a headache. So I like to save my fragrances for either when I go out at night or over the weekends. Diptyque Do Son ($90/$125USD or $120/$148AUD) is probably one fo the few exceptions, as it is certainly a scent I have and could continue to wear on a regular basis. And I honestly would if it didn’t cost a arm and a leg!

I’m not the best at describing scents, but I know what I like. Usually I love subtle sweet scents, in this case Do Son has a beautiful floral Jasmine scent that reminds me of Jasmine tea (my favourite!) which is part of why I’m completely okay with having this scent constantly linger.

It’s going to be hard to describe and may potentially come off a little superficial (but let’s be honest, this is a beauty / fashion blog so superficiality is what I’m all about), but the thing I love most about Diptyque scents is how luxurious they smell. It smells expensive and actually leaves me feeling very content, happy and strangely accomplished? Weird I know, but it’s one of the reasons I felt the need to blog about this scent because it does leaving me feeling so great afterwards.

However as mentioned earlier, the price point is pretty steep and so I like to actually only use this on special occasions. The rest of the time it has become a permanent fixture on my desk at home :)

You can pick up a bottle for yourself at either Nordstrom or Mecca.

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Bobbi Brown Trio Cheek Palette – Calypso

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Many months ago Bobbi Brown released a series of trio blushes ($75AUD each) and I’d been eyeing them for the longest of time. I’d seen reviews, I’d seen videos and I still knew I didn’t need it because I have more blushes to last a life time. But as you can see I caved and don’t regret it one bit!

Because coral is my weakness in a blush I decided to pick up Calypso, there are two other palettes a berry and pink version. Each shade in this trio is layerable and can help provide some subtle contour and highlight.

Personally I didn’t get around to using these until I took a trip interstate, thanks to its large mirror and slim structure it makes for the perfect travel blush and highlighter.

The pigmentation I found consistent with other Bobbi Brown blushes. Not as pigmented as many more “artsy” makeup lines like MAC or Illamasqua, but pigmented enough that a few swipes is enough to give a nice subtle wearable glow. For me I’ve always viewed Bobbi Brown as being the perfect natural everyday makeup brand, a makeup concept I’ve been adopting a lot more as of late.

I wouldn’t call this a must since the colours aren’t THAT unique (but really how unique can we get with blush now?) but if you don’t have that many in your collection and are looking for something to travel with then I would certainly give this some consideration, similarly it’s not a make or break product as much as I loved it :)

You should still be able to pick one up from Bobbi Brown hopefully!

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Monochrome for Winter

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ASOS Lightweight Summer Knit

Black jeans (similar here)

ASOS Ankle Boots

RayBan Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

Prada Saffiano Lux Double-Zip Tote

It feels like it’s been -forever- since I last shot and posted an outfit of the day, and I completely blame real life and the weather. Not only has it been far too cold to wear anything but layers and layers of jumpers and coats (totally #ootd worthy) but we’ve been busy organising and getting real life stuff done!

However a couple weekends ago I was lucky, the weather wasn’t too bad (I think I wore this out to lunch for Sefie’s birthday minus coat) so I managed to grab a couple of quick snaps before we headed out :) I suspect the next few months of outfits will be equally as monochrome-d and winter like, but hopefully I’ll manage to try and keep it interesting :)

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How I Style Short Hair + GHD Giveaway

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For many years I’ve lived life with ultra-long hair, typically hair that hits just past my waist and so during that period I had my hair care routine down pat! But all that changed when I decided to go for the chop and go for substantially shorter hair. I was so used to using the L’Oreal Steam Pod (which I love!) to straighten my hair, but due to the size of the tongs, I had to switch to something much smaller. In came the ghd Professional Styler Mini ($269AUD)

The tongs are far thinner (around 2cm thick) and perfect for straightening and styling much shorter hair. I found that especially to be the case for the hair right above my neck which themselves are only about 5-6 cm long after a cut at most.

Now, small stylers are not unique to ghd, in fact many companies now release mini stylers that are even smaller and travel friendly, and I know because I’ve tried a lot of them! In fact I purchased one on a recent work trip because I had forgotten to bring my ghd with me and after one use I left it in the hotel room upon checking out because I knew I wouldn’t be using it again.

For the last 10 years or so of my life I’ve almost exclusively (L’Oreal Steam Pod is the exception) use ghd straighteners because of how efficient they are at straightening my hair and how healthy my hair looks right after. With most straighteners I find at Priceline, my hair always feels stiff and frizzle afterwards, and that is after having used a lot of great hair care products to help. Every time someone asks me about a hair straightener my answer is always get a ghd! It’s expensive but worth it!

Which leads me into an interesting story I have for you! ghd originally had contacted me regarding the GHD Opal ($269AUD), but I mentioned that because of my recent hair cut the Mini would be better suited. So they agreed to send me the Mini, but by mistake I received the Opal instead! They were so lovely, told me to keep it and they’d send me the Mini too.



Well I already have three standard sized ghds (crazy right!) so I certainly don’t need a fourth and we came to the agreement that offering it up for one of you lovely readers was the best thing to do! And hence the birth of this giveaway :)

Giveaway Rules:

  1. Must be located in Australia (sorry but I have to ship this personally and don’t want to worry about high shipping costs)
  2. Must be over the age of 18 or have parental permission if you are under 18
  3. Leave me a comment on this blog post sharing with me your favourite hair styling tool / product (because I love to shop!)
  4. Please leave me some way to direct contact you (social media / email)

And that’s it! :) I’ll end this competition on the 20th of July midnight and draw a winner at random :) Good luck and I can’t wait for you to receive this amazing straightener and love it just as much as I do 😀

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Everyday Natural Makeup Tutorial

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I’ve been keeping my everyday makeup ultra-light and simple! It’s my go to look that I’ll use whenever I either have no idea what makeup I should use, when I go to work or when I’m in an incredible rush!

In other words, it’s my everyday natural makeup tutorial. I filmed this quite some time ago so wasn’t sure if it was still worth uploading, but let me tell you trying to get even lighting on your face whilst filming against such a bright background is no easy feat and so I decided this was certainly worth uploading :) I hope you enjoy it!

I plan on sharing this particular photo on Instagram, but thought it would be nice to share a few outtakes from the video here too :)


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