Project 100 Pan – Part 1 & Also Hi!

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I’m not even sure how to start this post because wow, was I gone for half a minute or what? So this post is way way way overdue, more like I should have posted this back in Feburary and for some reason it just crept away from me as my focus was set on stickers and work! Well, the beauty bug has come back into my life and really the urge to start posting about beauty, lifestyle and travel has started re-emerging itself and just the need to do blog and make videos (other than planner related videos) has really hit me! So I’m hoping to actually film Part 2 of this Project 100 Pan series tomorrow (and then get it up in a few weeks time, after a few vlogs) and it didn’t seem right to do that without atleast posting this blog post which has sat in Draft for the last 5 months!

So without further ado, the video is above and the products mentioned are down below 🙂 I’m hoping this is the reboot I need to come back~

1. Makeup Forever Pro Finish – Multi-Use Powder Foundation 117
2. NARS Powder Foundation – Light 3 Deaville
3. MAC Select Sheer Loose – NC15
4. Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
5. Dior Addict It-Lash
6. Gucci Mascara Iconic Black
7. Dior Diorshow New Look Black
8. Lancome Grandiose
9. Benefit They’re Real Push-Up Liner
10. Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eye Liner – Midnight Black
11. OPI Ridge Filler
12 & 13. Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +
14. Bobbi Brown Brightening Advanced Serum
15. Lancome Visionnaire
16. Perricone MD Nutritive Cleanser
17. Biore Marshmellow Cleanser
18. The Face Shop Collagen Water Moisture Toner
19. Michael Todd Cranberry Antiox Hydrating Anti-Aging Toner
20. SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Brightener
21. SK-II Skin Signature Eye Cream
22. La Roche-Posay Redermic Eyes
23. Australis Makeup Finishing Spritz
24. Kiehl’s Heat-Protective Silk Straightening Cream
25. Goldwell Sleek Perfection
26 & 27. Organix Hydrating Macadamia Oil – Shampoo & Conditioner
28. MAC Brush Cleanser

That’s 28 products all up! 😀 Already a 1/4 of my way to my goal 😀

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Thoughts on my mind

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I don’t think I’ve ever been away from this blog for as long as I have been over the last few months. I’ve had a lot of time to think about how I want to run this blog and how I want to better spend my time. The older I get, the more I want to focus on things I genuinely feel passionate about and staying true to me.

What burnt me out was blogging based on other people’s expectations, what my friends thought I should blog about or to get more traffic. All of those factors are no longer concerns for me, I’m running this blog exactly how I want to run it, regardless of what people think and how many people read it. Some of the changes I have in mind are:

Project 100 Pan
My entire beauty collection is in need of some major decluttering. After years of being a beauty blogger that primarily featured reviews on products, you end up with a pretty sizable collection that any normal person wouldn’t normally use or need. My goal is to get through 100 products I own before I make any new purchases, this includes empties, products gone bad/old, not any I’ll be giving away. I’m really looking forward to releasing my first video for it soon 😀

PR Samples
If you read my FAQ page you’ll know that I’m no longer accepting PR samples for review, and over time I’d like to get to a point where I only feature products I’ve personally bought for review. As someone who has worked with PR and as someone who has read literally thousands of beauty blogs, how you review a product you’ve personally purchased with your own money vs a product that was sent to you for review is generally different.

I personally find it difficult to trust reviews that are either sponsored or where the item was provided for free unless I know the blogger personally. I think it’s pretty natural to be more forgiving of a product that was free than one you had to save up for on a subconscious level. So even when people say they are giving their honest opinion, their honest opinion may generally be less critical than normal. That’s just my personal stance and so I wanted to shift my blog to be true to myself. If I don’t trust those type of blog posts then I shouldn’t be posting those type of blog posts.

No schedule
I’ve come to realise that the only place a strict schedule works for me is in my working life. Outside of that, I need things to be more fluid and flexible in order for me to not only be productive, but enjoy what I do too. Ideally I’d blog every day, but realistically I’ll blog when I can / feel like it.

Shift to Lifestyle
Wasn’t even sure if this needed pointing out given the shift my channel as taken, but figured no harm in pointing out that my blog is going to be more a reflect of all my interests rather than purely beauty.

Those are the main changes I’ve been contemplating over the last few months, I’ve got a few technical changes that need to take place before I throw myself back into the blogging world, but I just felt like sharing what was on my mind 🙂 I’m actually feeling refreshed, renewed and excited for my changes! It’s like starting a new chapter where the only opinion I need to worry about is my own 🙂

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Where have I been? What have I been up to?

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Wow! I’m honestly surprised that’s it has been a solid month and a bit since I last updated this blog! Not to say I haven’t been active at all, in fact I thought I’d use this blog post to explain where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing before I get back into “regular” posting. (Or till I figure out what that means!) Because we all like to know what’s going on 🙂

A few months ago I opened a store on Etsy called HappyCloudInc where I sell stickers for planners, mostly for the Erin Condren Life Planner but also aimed at other planners in general. It’s been an amazing journey and a true love affair! But out of all the hobbies I’ve taken on outside of work, this has been the biggest one. A lot goes into essentially running a side business, extremely time consuming but I wouldn’t change a single thing 🙂

On top of that I’ve been actively uploading Planner related videos on my planner / stationery specific youtube channel called A Beautiful Fable. It’s my pride and joy and I just love discussing all things planner related! 🙂

Finally, and I’m guessing this is something more of you will know about, but my main channel is back to being pretty active now. I’ve decided to merge my vlogging and main channel together to create a channel that more accurately reflect me and my varies passions. I’m currently filming Once Upon a December, but instead of filming and releasing daily vlogs, I’m filming everyday and combining them all into a single weekly vlog 🙂 So far going well, but I’m keen to know what everyone else thinks! 😀

And besides work, that’s essentially what I’ve been up to 🙂 I’ll be heading off next week for a trip overseas so if you’re keen to see what I get up to then please do follow me on Instagram or Youtube 😀 Hoping the trip will give me some head space (as my store will be closed) to work through a schedule for my blog 😀

Hope you guys have been doing well if you haven’t been following me on my other platforms 🙂

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5 Lessons I’ve Learnt

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As I finally get over my illness, get back into work and start focusing my energy on the passions of my life (oh and did I mention Toby has been MIA for the last 3 weeks? Yeah, so I’ve had a lot of alone time to think) I’ve been contemplating and thinking about some of the mental blockers I have that I feel prevent me from living my happiness life.

#1 – It’s not easy to be happy
I hear it all the time! That you should always do what makes you happy and that focusing on your happiness is most important. But what if your happiness results in sadness for those around you?

I’ve made a lot of decisions in my life that weren’t always what make me most happy, but it worked out finding a compromise worked out being the healthiest for me. And maybe that’s a process to work out in itself. I may not be the happiest with some choices, but I know the decisions I make are in the best interest of those I truly love to death and I’m not going to lie, leave me feeling a lot less guilty.

#2 – Dwelling on things you can’t change is wasting your energy
And yet I still do it anyways, though I think over time I’ve gotten better. And the only way I’ve managed to do this is by distracting my mind and creating new positive habits and ways of thinking. E.g. Every time something bad that happens to me bubbles up, I’ll make myself think about my cat. Cheesy I know, but it really does over time become a habit. And seriously, my cat can never make me sad! It’s impossible! (Pet owners will understand this!)

#3 – Insecurity is often the root of all problems
I think every emotional / mental issue I’ve ever confronted within myself can be traced back to being insecure. And it’s also the reason for why I react to things the way I do (aka defensive). If I feel like I’ve done something wrong, I internalise it death and feel like the world’s worst human. If a friend makes a comment that was insensitive towards me, I dwell on it forever. And I think it’s because I really suffer for low self-esteem and am generally very insecure.

If I were more secure, when I’ve done something wrong I could easily just brush it off as “oh well, humans make mistakes” and move on! If a friend makes an insensitive comment, I could just brush it off as “that’s their issue / opinion, not mine” and move on! Something I’ve been working on, and something I’m slowly getting better at.

Though I’ll be honest and say that part of what I view as my success is learning to train my mind to work in my favour more, but also doing what I can to move away from negative situations.

#4 – Having a passion can be life saving
How many times have I felt terrible, but came home to either blog, work on YouTube videos, play with makeup / planners or whatever else I’m feeling passionate about and ended up completely forgetting I was even upset about something till a day later? Almost all the time!

This ties into #2 really well, the best method to stop dwelling on things is to focus on the things that make you truly passionate.

#5 – You attract what you are
I have/had a terrible habit of whinging and complaining. I feel like the only way for me to “get over” issues I have is to rant or vent to those close to me. And it seems harmless, except it’s not. You end up attracting like minding individuals and it can become a bit of a toxic mix if you are a negative person.

On the other hand, if you are positive (which I force myself to be in some environments) it actually pays out! Positivity attracts positivity and I find myself automatically wanting to spend more time with positive people, but most importantly it makes me want to stay positive.

I heard a quote, “You are the average of the 5 closest people in your life” on a podcast I was listening to and it really struck a chord with me. Imagine how happy / successfully you could be if the 5 closest people to you were the most amazingly kind, positive and successfully humans on earth? It makes you think about the energy you put out to draw back the people you want in your life.

If you guys have any personal lessons you’ve learnt I’d love to hear more about them 🙂

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Hi! I’m back!

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How long has it been since I last wrote a blog post? It’s actually longer than it looks, because a few weeks ago I returned from a trip from Asia and during my time away I had scheduled a bunch of blog posts, so safe to say it’s been a decent amount of time!

After returning from Asia I fell incredibly ill. To be honest I fell ill about 12 hrs before my flight back home. Sad to say it was one of the worst flights in my life back because of that! Honestly I suspect it was the flu, the first couple of weeks back was a complete blur of sleep and a ton of medication.

Bad times aside, it’s been a few weeks now and I think I’ve finally recovered to the point where I think I can tackle my normal activities again. And mostly I wanted to let you guys know why I’ve been so away and quiet for so long!

Obviously, I’ve had a lot of time to think about everything while sick and I think I want to make some changes. However I’m not going to go into them yet just because I want to allow myself to make those changes first before I go around announcing them to the world! But safe to say, be prepared for some changes! Ultimately I’m just looking for ways to improve my life and increase my happiness 🙂

Anyways! I hope you guys have been doing well, I’ve missed the online world and I can’t wait to figure out how things in general will work out going forward 🙂

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Essie Spring 2015 Nail Polish Collection + Swatches

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Spring collections are my favourite of all time, and this collection that was gifted to me from Essie is no exception! I’m loving the colours in this collection, especially Blossom Dandy and Garden Variety. The perfect resort / summer shades~ Pigmentation and wear for each of these were on point, I didn’t experience any major issues, even for the lighter shades. I have to admit, colour me impressed! I feel like the last few collections always have something that is disappointing but I can honestly say I loved this one and highly recommend it!

Each bottle is going for $16.95AUD and is available at Priceline between October and November 2015 only.

Garden Variety


Pedal Pushers


Perennial Chic


Picked Perfect


Blossom Dandy




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Neutral Bronzed Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

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If you’re reading this then I am likely on my way back home after a glorious couple of weeks away in Asia 🙂 I had the most amazing time and I can’t wait to share with you all my videos, photos and more 😀 In the mean time I pre-filmed this makeup tutorial using the Laura Mercier Eye Art palette 🙂 Hope you enjoy!

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Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – Champagne Pop

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The Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Champagne Pop ($38USD) has been the talk of the internets for several months now and I feel a little late to the party, but keen to share my two cents anyways! One because Becca is an Aussie company and two, I LOVE Jaclyn Hill!

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Becca. I love the quality of their makeup, but I never could understand why an Australian company would charge more for their products in Australian then overseas. The same goes for Napoleon Perdis (which is one of the reasons I’ve stopped using their products). However the quality for Becca is just so exception I can’t stay away, though I try to keep my products limited to just the essentials and this highlighter sure felt like an essential.

However now that I have it I can honestly say it’s a lovely highlighter, very suited to particular skin tones. But it’s not a must have if you prefer cooler highlighters or something more neutral. The tone feels very gold and while I don’t doubt it wouldn’t suit a lot of people, I wasn’t 100% sure it suited me. That aside, the quality is absolutely amazing, so if the colour seems up your alley, you can rest assure you will love the pigmentation and wear!

Keep in mind that if you do intend to use this product frequently, I’ve been told it can disappear very quickly so something to keep in mind 🙂

I believe this product is sold exclusive at Sephora.

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Pink n Purple Makeup Tutorial

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In case you don’t know, I have a channel dedicated to all things planners! It’s a massive obsession of mine right now, so much so that after filming a particular Plan With Me video a while back I decided to put together a look inspired by it! Crazy right? Whatever makes for an interesting makeup look 🙂 Now that the weather is starting to warm up again, I’m becoming much more inspired to play around with different looks more 😀 Hope you enjoy!

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Royal Melbourne Show 2015

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It has been close to 6 months since I last filmed a vlog (crazy!) and the Royal Melbourne Show felt like the perfect opportunity to start it up again~ This past weekend Tobias, Violet, Jimmy and myself all headed over to the Royal Melbourne Show with low expectations, and yet walked out having had a fantastic day! We played with animals, binged on all the different types of food and candy and played a couple of games. Hope you guys enjoy the quick vlog I threw together for the day~

I’m in the process of working through ALL the travel vlogs I’ve filmed over the last few years to upload them to a new space. It’s going to take a while, but my goal is to try and release vlogs around 1-2 days after I’ve filmed them. Personally I find watching vlogs shortly after they’ve been filmed to just be a lot more fun and engaging! You really feel like you’re on the adventure with that person, and that’s what I’d like to start achieving once I’ve finally caught up on two massive trips I’ve still yet to pull together. Baby steps!

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